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A People’s Berlin: Discussion at the Werkstadt

A small group of participants joined Shriya and Cordula at the Werkstadt on Emser Strasse to review the process and point of the mailbox. To put it into context as participatory arts research for DIY place-making. The questions they asked us were mostly practical ones, which made us analyze the process. As it turns out, mailboxes are a great complaint format, but are not the best to create a discussion. It seems that no one who left mail actually came to talk about what they wrote, even though we removed the mailbox and replaced it with a sign about the event. From the point of view of analyzing behavior, it shows that the act of writing and offering a solution or pointing out a problem is generally the extent to which people want to get involved in transforming their environment. To be motivated to attend a discussion was an entirely different type of urban ‘activist’ personality-either students, researchers or those simply interested in why this art project was being conducted. Nice conversations, nonetheless, and we got to share Partizaning projects and artefacts from Moscow in connection with Berlin.

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