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X São Paulo Architecture Bienal: DIY-sports workshop

The theme of the workshop is to rethink urban spaces as free, play spaces and to create DIY Olympics — either through an event or as infrastructural interventions. Our goal is to create an action in resistance to the riots protesting the Confederation Cup, and as a response showing people’s power and potential.

The idea for the city or neighborhood as a playground encourages a sensibility of freedom in action and of playful interaction with the built environment. Usually, very little (apart form one’s imagination and some materials) are needed to play in a space. We hope to engage people in the downtown of Sao Paulo to create game based events and situations, and a DIY olympics where people will build / design / create their own games by upcycling materials (waste/found) and building on existing popular sports and social activities.



Nov 2
Meeting at the Occupied building at 14:00 and work with the map to make a route for inspection walk in the city. Meeting at the concrete plaza / skateboard spot to talk to skateboarders and other passers by on topic of DIY(non-Olympic)-sports. Inviting people for the sunday walk.

Nov 3
We invite workshop participants to walk with us by the highway (closed for cars on sundays), visit different sites in the city (according to the map) and test/discuss what can we do/play/create there. Meeting point is concrete plaza or Vale do Annangabau. We invite people to bring their sport equipment, balls, broom, anything that look like a sport equipment, but it’s not.

Nov 4—8
Work on collecting found materials, creating needed infrastructure and equipment for the DIY-cup (Olympics).

Nov 9
Main event in different sites in the downtown of São Paulo. We will make a map with a schedule where and what gonna happen. It will be organized as a series of events/walk with quest component.


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Bienal’s web-site:


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