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About Laboratory

About Laboratory

Partizaning Lab is a platform documenting experiments in artistic urban research. Our goal is to examine the idea and practice of ‘participation’ through creative or art-based methods of engagement, investigation or intervention in order to facilitate a form of engaged DIY urbanism.

The lab is an experimental bureau run by  members of the collective who actively research of the urban environment. We prioritize involving citizens in the process of redesigning their districts, advising local authorities and institutions on how to change the city in a dialogue with local communities, using humor and small budgets guided by the principles of DIY urbanism. We collaborate with experts from Moscow and cities around the world to actively involve volunteers and citizens in the creation of new dialogues.


Igor Ponosov (1980)

Artist, Curator, Writer, Programmer and Hacker


Shriya Malhotra (1983)

Graduate of The New School (NYC), Cities and Social Justice
Artist, Researcher, Interventionist


Anton Polsky / MAKE (1982)

Graduate of Russia’s State Humanitarian University, Department of History of Art
Artist, Activist and Designer


Dmytro Zaiets (1985)

M.A. in Sociology at Lancaster University (UK, 2011), Ph.D in Sociology at V. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine, 2014). Independed cultural sociologist


Collective Projects


Delai Sam / DIY Festival / 2010-2020

A marathon of urban initiatives taking place in cities across Russia : from Chelyabinsk to Saint Petersburg. In Moscow, events are held twice a year and include a formal summit for urban activists with workshops led by street artists and urban planners, as well as an activist documentary film festival.


A People’s Berlin / January — February 2014

Research, interventions and workshops organized in Berlin, Germany to explore the experience of immigrants in relation to their urban environment


Sao Paolo DIY Olympics / November 2013

Research and workshop for the X Biennale of Architecture in Sao Paolo Brazil, resulting in several spontaneous interventions and a community event: the DIY Olympics.


Invisible Borders / July 2013

A collaborative, week-long workshop to explore the concept of borders and boundaries in Moscow, organized at the Strelka Institute.


Cooperative Urbanism / June-September 2012

A series of eight workshops in different districts remote of Moscow, organized jointly with the Strelka Institute and with urbanists and artists from various countries to transform urban space through artistic interventions in order to create a more comfortable living environment.


Libraries in Moscow / September 2013 — January 2014

A complex informal study based on a survey of citizens and local communities in identifying five areas for programs of libraries and create a new format media centers.


What Should Happen to the Old St. Nicolaas Lyceum? / December 2012

Part of the Kunstvlaai Festival, a participatory survey to engage people about the future of an old school building on the verge of being demolished.


The Wall Project / 2010-2013

Playground representation of street artists and debating urban art on the «Winzavod » involving curators, designers, urban planners and artists.


Objects / 2005-2009

A series of three books which reflect the situation in the street art in Russia and the post- Soviet space.


«100-en-dia» in Kaluga / August — September 2013

A series of urban activism workshops as part of the project «House of a New Culture,» and a final festival of grassroots urban initiatives. Together with the  Strelka Institute.


Velo Vyksa / June 2013

Public bike rental project within the public art festival «Art Okrug.» Bike Viksa reflects the ideology of functional art and how people can be involved in the rescheduling of the social environment.


Container Residence / 2008 — 2014

A mobile space and street artist’s hub which remained in various institutional artistic spaces across Moscow.


Our Methods

Collective Cartography: Participatory, Community and Psychogeographic Mapping
Creating Alternative Forums for Dialogue: Public Mailboxes, Whiteboards, Chalkboards
Sociology and anthropology: Interviews, Secret watching, Analyse.
Interventionism: Street Art, Participatory Urban Replanning


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