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X São Paulo Architecture Bienal: DIY Olympics


Well, we started self-organized, interactive games in public spaces of São Paulo city. This is an attempt to re-prioritize the original ethos of Olympics and other mega games by focusing on fun, sportsmanship and team spirit. And we are going start new system for global interactive sport interventions with different cities.

Let’s play!


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X São Paulo Architecture Bienal: DIY-sports workshop

The theme of the workshop is to rethink urban spaces as free, play spaces and to create DIY Olympics — either through an event or as infrastructural interventions. Our goal is to create an action in resistance to the riots protesting the Confederation Cup, and as a response showing people’s power and potential.

The idea for the city or neighborhood as a playground encourages a sensibility of freedom in action and of playful interaction with the built environment. Usually, very little (apart form one’s imagination and some materials) are needed to play in a space. We hope to engage people in the downtown of Sao Paulo to create game based events and situations, and a DIY olympics where people will build / design / create their own games by upcycling materials (waste/found) and building on existing popular sports and social activities.



Nov 2
Meeting at the Occupied building at 14:00 and work with the map to make a route for inspection walk in the city. Meeting at the concrete plaza / skateboard spot to talk to skateboarders and other passers by on topic of DIY(non-Olympic)-sports. Inviting people for the sunday walk.

Nov 3
We invite workshop participants to walk with us by the highway (closed for cars on sundays), visit different sites in the city (according to the map) and test/discuss what can we do/play/create there. Meeting point is concrete plaza or Vale do Annangabau. We invite people to bring their sport equipment, balls, broom, anything that look like a sport equipment, but it’s not.

Nov 4—8
Work on collecting found materials, creating needed infrastructure and equipment for the DIY-cup (Olympics).

Nov 9
Main event in different sites in the downtown of São Paulo. We will make a map with a schedule where and what gonna happen. It will be organized as a series of events/walk with quest component.


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