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A People’s Berlin: Highlights from Mailbox 1 in Neukolln


Some of the letters received at the Emster Strasse mailbox. 10 letters received were in German and Turkish. People raised concerns about gentrification of the neighborhood; the rising price of rent; offered suggestions to improve the trash system; and left comments about being satisfied that there is no dog shit.


A People’s Berlin: Neukolln Mailbox Results at the Werkstadt

We  organized a meeting on the same street where installed the mailbox, inviting residents and interested participants to attend, review the notes and share their thoughts.


A People’s Berlin: Public Mailbox 1 in Neukolln

In January 2014, the first Partizaning mailbox in Berlin was installed on Emster Strasse, outside of a small local cafe. The street was picked for its prominence in the neighborhood, and also for the ease of checking for letters. The goal of installing the mailbox was to get people from Neukolln to express how they feel about changes in their neighborhoods, defined as ‘improvements’. It was also to test our tactic—would people write letters? What might they leave there? What would they say and what issues would come up?

The project was done in collaboration with Cordula Gdaniec.


Блог лаборатории Партизанинга